What’s your value?

I am a firm believer that money is one of the most important tools to date. With that said, many entrepreneurs get lost in the message because of their race to fame.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you are only doing something because of the money, you are taking the wrong approach. No matter what you do money will come. However, if you focus more on the value you are handing out chances are you will make even more money than you originally set out to make.

Value is what give the money power. More value more money.

The value on a $1, $10 and $100 are completely different, right? One more than the other.
The reason for it is not the numbers alone. The reason is that you get more for the larger bill. More value.

When you start giving your customers, clients, boss, relationship more value the numbers on your account will soon change too.