Top 6 Reasons To Manage Instagram as a Team

Let’s face it social media is a full-time job. In order to have a great interactive Instagram account, there’re so many responsibilities. You have to take pictures, write a great caption, respond to comments and sometimes you even need to go back and edit what you wrote just because people were not interacting with the message. Let’s face it Instagram takes up the majority of your day, but it doesn’t have to. Here are the top 6 reasons to manage Instagram as a team.

1. Share Responsibilities

With so much to do on social media, it is extremely important to find out what responsibilities can be done by other people.  It is too time-consuming for just one person to manage an account, edit photos, write content and respond to comments.  Within your organization find people who are able to have some responsibility on the social media account. By doing this you can strengthen your social presence and have a more consistent posting habit with different views.

2. Be Consistent

Posting consistently is the key.  But not every person has the time to post at the key times that their audience in on Instagram.  For this reason, it is important to have a team.  Chances are that the people who read your posts in the am are not the same that read them in the pm.  So if you have 2 different people posting at different times you can actually create a double audience within one account.  Now the page can offer two views on a similar topic.  For example in fashion, you can talk about what accessories to add to last night’s post recommendation of what to wear.


Constant communication with your audience is extremely important.  You have to remember that many of them can become a future customer.  The last thing you would want is to lose out on any opportunity of generating revenue.

4. Be Social Savvy

We all know that Instagram does not like URLs on the posts.  A way to get things done is to simply name your product and reflect that name in the post.  Example: (This piece is called Pink and White Spring Skirt or SKU 143543). *The smaller the better.  This will allow your viewers to go back and get a product that they have missed.  Make sure that your website has a highlighted search section that makes it easier to find items. Now with this simple system, anyone on your team can post a product and grow the company.

5. Schedule

Planning is everything in social media.  Your posting tasks should be scheduled a week in advance and stipulate which people are responsible for which.  By scheduling posts, you now have a team effort when replying to comments.  Chances are your team knows information about the mission behind the post and or product that is being mentioned, hence improving the audience interaction. A team effort can help design a schedule based on the feeds analytics in order to improve conversion.

6. Timing is everything

With every business Instagram account, you have an insight section on the top right.  This section has the most powerful tools Instagram can offer.  You get to see the impressions, reach, views, clicks, and calls.  Besides this, on the bottom, you have the Followers Section.  In this section, you have Gender, Age, Location and Followers again.  Understanding this section is crucial. This followers section has 2 tabs Hours or Days.  Within the Hours Tab, you can choose the day and see what the optimal time is to post.  Within the Days Tab, you can see which is the best day for conversion.


With these simple 6 steps, you and your team can achieve great conversion and relate to your awesome audience.

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