Time Tests All

  • Luis Gouveia

Time tests all people. The successful know that time is an asset and others see time as a liability.
Why do I say liability? People that are not financially successful think they never have enough time.

Successful people manage their time.

You may think that successful people just lounge around and the money train stops at their house. Your truly lost in the imagination sauce if you think this is real.
Successful people schedule every part of their life; work, reading, family, free time, networking, community and self-growth.

There are so many things you can do to create more time in your life or at least make the time worth more.

– Watch less TV or no TV at all.- Read educational material, not the NEWS.- Find mentors in your community.

– Go for a walk to destress.

– Go for a walk and listen to an ebook.

– Grab a cup of coffee and start a conversation with a random person.

– Gossip less at work and focus on growth.

– Eat healthier so that yo have more energy.

– Create a schedule NOT a to-do list.

– Focus on the difficult tasks first.

Time is a true present and many of us use it so recklessly and forget that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

As a person that has been reckless with my time at a point in my life, I am truly grateful for the life altering change that has allowed me to create value and worth of every minute that I am here.