Reaching Out

  • Luis Gouveia

Why do we reach out?

With my limited years, I have always had an understanding that what we are and what we have is not an end result.  It is simply a step for growth.  We have all been consumed with a number of factors in life.  Many of us love what we are and are content with it.  Many reach out and grab success instantly.  However, others keep reaching and fighting to get a different result.

Now this seems like there are only 3 stages in the reach.  Nevertheless, the last one has three types.

  • Type one person has an emptiness that will never be fulfilled.  It’s an emptiness that holds the person back or keeps them blind even if they have it all.  It’s a level of darkness.  Only by becoming thankful and truly realizing their reality is when they will see the light.  Many don’t ever get to see the light and others only see the greatness they had when it is lost.
  • Type two person has a problem.  They start with a full tank of gas and quickly run out of fuel and quit.  To start a new grand idea and quit some more.  These people are in my mind, thinkers but not delivers.  They want to be successful but will not follow through to become what they want to be.
  • Type three person has a wonderful power.  1.This is the person that doesn’t take NO for an answer.  2. They get beat up and beat down, but they know that they are a few steps away from success.  3. This person will lose time and money but will continue to drive harder each day to take what they came to get.

Success and fulfillment are two different things.  Success has a different definition for each and every one of us.

Fulfillment has just one meaning.  What is your level of fulfillment?  With that answer, you will know how to gauge your reach.

Things you should always reach for/to:

  1. Reach for love more
  2. Reach for peace of mind
  3. Reach for happiness
  4. Reach for more time
  5. Reach for success
  6. Reach for mentors
  7. Reach for friends
  8. Reach for life experiences
  9. Reach for harmony
  10. Reach for transition
  11. Reach for growth
  12. Reach to mentor
  13. Reach to help others
  14. Reach to leave a mark
  15. Reach to live more
  16. Reach to increase
  17. Reach to travel
  18. Reach to inspire
  19. Reach to simplify
  20. Reach to find new

What are you willing to change and give up so that you can reach for more?

Me, I have been willing and will continue to change all and give up a lot more in order to increase my reach.

My current reach has been achieved because of change and sacrifice.  My reach will continue to grow because of the same reasons.