Dig Deeper Dig Harder Dig Farther and Change Everything

  • Luis Gouveia

Dig Deeper, Dig Harder, Dig Farther and Change Everything.

Many of the people I mentor and also many readers know me as the Change My Now Guy.  The person that will continuously tell you that in order for you to better yourself, you need to change your life NOW.

In many ways, this might seem like an unbeatable task and many of you will find the right excuses in order not to make a change.  The majority of people who want things to change do not have the will to change their habits.  Here lies the biggest problem of all.

Do you think that the super healthy and wealthy are the way you dream to be because they were born with good genes? The answer is NO.  These incredible mental athletes have the one thing you are lacking and you have the one thing they got rid of a long time ago.

  • They have determination, dedication and vision of the lifestyle that they are living.  They are people who will focus on the main goal and do whatever it takes to get there.  They will work longer hours, spend less time with family, spend less time with friends and they will dig deeper, dig harder, dig farther in order to change everything.
  • You, my friend, have the ability to create any reason/excuse to NOT do anything that you know you should be doing.  You have this incredible power to change your complete focus from I want this new lifestyle and I will do what it takes, to its easier if I just stay the same and live the life I currently have.

The fact of the matter is that you are just content with who you are and what you have.  You rather watch TV sitting on the couch or laying in bed.  You deserve the life you have.  You have worked extremely hard to keep it this lifestyle the way it is.

I am known for being very blunt and direct with hardheaded people that just give me excuse after excuse. Many of you reading this need this harsh reality check.  If you’re broke, overweight, in a bad relationship, working at a dead-end job, hanging around the wrong people, have the wrong family, have a failing business, always stressed, always dreaming of a better life, always envious of others and on and on. You need to realize that you are to blame for everything going wrong in your life.  It’s your fault that you put up with a half ass lifestyle. You act like this is a dress rehearsal. This is your life. You only get one life and you better start living it to your full potential now.

Dig deeper, dig harder, dig farther and change everything NOW.  Stop making excuses for yourself and start finding solutions.  You are talented and you already have a determination not to change.  Imagine if you took that same determination and you applied it to change?

It takes more energy to convince yourself not do something than it actually takes you to get the task done.

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