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Luis Gouveia

Luis Gouveia is the proud owner of 3 companies and has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and youth to overcome obstacles and to change their now.

He has been recruited by top agencies to speak on a number of topics such as, his life story which he dedicated 18 years of his life to working in 12 different industries.  He has the ability to understand a business from the inside and add the exterior perspective it’s missing.

Luis has also created several online courses that have allowed people that were struggling in life to change their financial lives around.

He has devoted his life to helping transform people to achieve their goals and start working towards their dreams.

Follow his journey @motivatemeluis

Been working with this great team going on 2 years now and have gotten nothing other than great support, best customer service, ideas, professionalism, innovation and the list goes on…

Zeca, NoPao



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